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Mountains represent majesty and solidness. Can you stand tall and proud, yet relaxed and still on your own two feet? The mountain pose looks very simple. You just stand there. Yet, there is much to be aware of in the body. This pose promotes correct posture.



Stand rooted with your feet together or your feet hip width apart. However you feel most comfortable on your own two feet. The feet are the foundation. Sink both feet into the floor. Stretch downward through the legs. The more you ground downward the more you will be able to stretch upward and skyward. through your spine, belly and the top of your head.

Let’s see how well our feet can listen to the directions of our brain! Tell your toes: Big toes stay on the floor. Others lift up. Good. Tell your heels to lift up and open from the center. Place your heels back down. Were they good listeners? Now tell the big toes to lift up. All others stay on the floor. Well done!


Activity Ideas for Home and Classroom

Body Benefits

It takes time and practice to feel proper form and alignment in the body. Practicing the mountain regularly will promote stillness in the mind and body.

Quiet Quests

Experience your breath flowing through your Mountain body. Upward and downward from the earth to the sky. We are the conduits of this natural flow and exchange of energy. Take 3 to 5 breaths. Increase with time and practice.

Laughing Language

Tell or write a story as if you were the mountain. Where are you? How big are you? Does a volcano live inside of you? Do children snowboard or ski on you? Do you have water? Trees? Houses?