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The Yoga Garden Game, the Garden Game Expansion Cards, the all new My MAT, Memo Yogi (substituted for the pictured Yoga Dice that is NOT included), Yoga Spinner and more!

Only Available until December 15 , 2019!


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Bundle Includes:

The Yoga Garden Game Designed for having fun with one another rather than against each other. The objective of the game is to plant a flower garden before night falls. As players move their bumblebee marker around the board they learn classic yoga poses as well as have the chance to make up their own. Includes 24 Yoga Pose cards that are named after animals and objects found in nature. Friendship blossoms when everyone wins!

The Yoga Garden Game Expansion Deck A great addition to the beautiful YogaKids Yoga Garden Game. Increase your scope of play with these 22 all new YogaKids Pose Cards!

YogaKids My MAT (My Mindfulness & Affirmations Time) – Foldable Kid’s Yoga & Activity Mat Can be used as a kids yoga mat, or for mindfulness practices and educational play! Use the games included or find additional games, printable pose cards and coloring pages at Enjoy cooperative fun, fitness and well-being with kids of all ages using this whimsical, foldable, easy-carry mat.

YogaKids My MAT Drawstring Carry Bag: Perfect storage and carry bag for YogaKids My MAT! Kid-friendly for use as a traditional backpack, or sling the double drawstring straps over the shoulder.

Memo Yogi:  This fun and engaging game that introduces children to yoga while building their concentration, coordination and memory skills. The game includes thirty-six, sturdy, full color, illustrated cards that feature eighteen different yoga poses.

Yoga Spinner Game: A fun game of flexibility and balance and a delightful introduction to yoga that encourages teamwork and healthy physical activity.

Musical Musings: Sing along with your child with these playful, educational songs about animals, nature, fitness and more featuring YogaKids founder Marsha Wenig. Each song encourages a positive attitude and challenges imagination while building self-confidence and a love for fitness. This mp3 downloadable collection includes music your children will love to hear during special “yoga time” together.


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