Memo Yogi


Kids learn well through their bodies and through movement. This fun dynamic matching game helps young children develop memory skills as they try to find a pair of matching cards. They exercise both their brains’ memory and their body’s memory. These memory skills will surely improve with practice and bring joy to the kids!

Artistic, humorous bright illustrations teach 18 yoga poses. With every successful match of a player, all the other players perform the Yoga pose. At the end of the game – everyone does the yoga sequence together (as presented on cards). The players enjoy a fun and collaborative experience! A great family game for all ages.

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Memo Yogi is a fun and engaging game that introduces children to yoga while building their concentration, coordination and memory skills. The game includes thirty-six, sturdy, full color, illustrated cards that feature eighteen different yoga poses.

  • YOGi FUN matching game is a dynamic memory game!
  • Beautifully illustrated cards featuring yoga poses. Each card includes a kid and an animal!
  • 36 durable thick cards, each 2×2” (5×5 cm),
  • Carry this YOGI FUN game anywhere in its compact package.
  • YOGi matching game encourages children to play together, take turns, and it also promotes concentration and focus.
  • Includes instructions in 7 different languages!


  • Sharpens visual recognition
  • Builds confidence
  • Increases memory & attention span
  • Fun game promotes physical activity


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