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Each easy-to-use card features one or more photographs of children in the pose. The back of each card includes Pose Instructions as well as Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration with activity ideas adaptable for any grade level.

  • 50 Pose Cards with Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration
  • Each Card Measures 5½” x 8½”
  • Tabs Divide Cards into 7 Different Categories Featuring; Calm & Quiet, Energize & Empower, Posture & Flexibility, General Poses, Strength & Confidence, Focus & Concentration, Cooperation & Connection
  • Categories/Cards are Color Coded (Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange & Red)

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A review of YogaKids Tools for Schools Cards by Omazing Kids:

Here’s what I love about these cards:

• LOVE the photos of real kids doing yoga! The photos are large & on a distraction-free white background. This is especially great for kids who have special needs like Autism, ADHD or visual impairment.

• The cards are well organized into color-coded categories which makes it easy to find the cards.

• The 5½” x 8½” size of the cards is perfect for a group setting. I am so appreciative of YogaKids sending these to me to try out. They have been out for a while but I hadn’t gotten them because I thought they were big poster-size cards (based on the picture I had seen on their website with the mat). In fact I had suggested they come out with 5″ x 7″ cards of all the poses in their book “YogaKids: Educating The Whole Child Through Yoga” (which is one of my faves)…. lol! This card deck was exactly what I was hoping for 🙂

• Very sturdy storage box with an easy to open hinged top and labels on all sides (so no matter how you store it you can see what it is….. important when you have TONS of kids yoga materials like I do!)


Tools for Schools Pose Cards are also available in a digital version and can be found here: https://yogakids.com/product/digital-pose-card-tool-box-tools-schools/


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