Taste of YogaKids


With this 2 + hour Taste of YogaKids training, you’ll gain the confidence to seamlessly incorporate yoga into your daily routine with children. Whether it’s a 30-minute physical education class, a quick 5-minute yoga break during transition times, or an introduction to the concepts of yoga and self-regulation tools, you’ll feel at ease implementing the YogaKids program. As you embark on a journey of holistic child development, you’ll discover how to embrace joy and integrate yoga into your day.

Date: Sunday, October 22

Time: 12 noon ET / 11 am CT / 10 am MT / 9 am PT

Price: $99 USD

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Learn an innovative way to connect and play with children that combines fitness, play and education. Kids love it and so will you! YogaKids integrates language arts, games, music, storytelling and so much more. This holistic approach nurtures the “whole child” through the renowned theory of multiple intelligences to create an engaging experience and enhance learning.

This 2 + hour training provides invaluable skills for:

  • Reading Comes Alive With Yoga – witness the magic of bringing stories to life through the power of yoga
  • Affirmations – empower children with positive affirmations that boost their self-esteem and confidence
  • Math Medley – experience how yoga can make numbers and mathematical concepts come alive in a fun and engaging way
  • Musical Musings – discover the harmonious blend of music and yoga, creating an immersive experience for children
  • Brain Balances – unleash the potential of the mind-body connection with yoga exercises that promote balance and focus
  • We All Win – foster a sense of teamwork, cooperation, and inclusivity through group activities that cultivate a positive social environment
  • Quiet Quests – learn how to introduce calming and introspective practices to help children find peace and relaxation




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