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If you’re teaching yoga to children, we want you to be as successful as possible. Without children-specific tools and training, most yoga instructors find teaching yoga to children to be challenging and different. Because it IS different. But it can also be rewarding and profitable!

Join us for this 6-part webinar series where we solve some of the most common struggles around teaching yoga to children and expanding your business.

Featuring some of the most incredible and successful women in the field of kids yoga, you’ll learn skills and tools around your most pressing challenges including:

  • Time Management (in classes and in life!)
  • Building Your Business and Filling Your Classes
  • Classroom Management and Student Engagement
  • Teaching Kids of Different Ages and Abilities

and so much more!

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This 6-part webinar course will give you the tools you need to be successful teaching yoga to children. Each session is recorded and available for infinite replays.

Course Sessions

  1. Tick Tock Goes the Clock: A Yogi’s Guide to Time Management 
    Presented with: Alicia Mauldin, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Trainer
  2. How to Make a Living Teaching Yoga to Kids 
    Presented with: Erin Carter, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Master Mentor
  3. Let’s All Get Bendy: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
    Presented with: Cathy Bjorndalen, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Master Mentor
  4. Growing Up YK: Teaching Teens the YogaKids Way 
    Presented with: Karen Martin, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Master Mentor
  5. Our Littlest Yogis: Teaching Early and Preschool-Age Children 
    Presented with: Sara Hastings-Morris, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Trainer
  6. Everyone’s Included: Inclusion for Kids with Special Considerations 
    Presented with: Alicia Mauldin, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Trainer

Free Bonus Course

  1. The Secret Ingredients: What Makes a YogaKids Class So Amazing! 
    Presented with: Julie Pate, Certified YogaKids Teacher and Master Mentor

Plus Free Bonus

  • Musical Musings Vol. 1
    A complete album download (mp3s) of YogaKids music, perfect for use in your classes.



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