YK Apprentice Extension and Membership

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from $9.99/month

YK Apprentice Extension: Only available to those that have purchased and not completed Integrations | Level 2 and/or a Transformations | Level 3. This automatic monthly renewal allows trainees additional time after their one year completion due date to continue their training and may be cancelled upon completion/graduation.

YK Apprentice Membership: Only available to our Integrations | Level 2 Graduates — those that have successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2 of YogaKids Training. This monthly membership fee allows Level 2 graduates to retain designation as a “YogaKids Apprentice” (YKA) and keep exclusive YKA benefits. As an active YKA, you can purchase a Level 3 Training at any time in the future.

Legal Stuff: By purchasing this YogaKids Membership or Extension, you will remain a YogaKids Apprentice (YKA). This includes agreeing to the “YKA Agreement.” Nothing too scary, we promise.




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Integrations|Level 2 Training Members (YogaKids Apprentices) enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to our continuing education Master Mentor Hangouts
  • Access to our video library of all 185 YogaKids poses & activities
  • Access to our online forums and private Facebook group
  • Access to professional documents (exclusive marketing & teaching tools)
  • Basic listing in our Find a Teacher tool on the YogaKids website
  • Deep discounts on really cool products in the YogaKids shop
  • Receipt of the YK newsletter, The Electric Circle
  • Receipt of the YK newsletter, Elements in Action

Level 2 & 3 Training Program Policies:

Trainees who purchase a Level 2 and/or a Level 3 Training have 1 year to complete it. Monthly extensions are available at $24.99 a month but must be setup prior to the 1-year anniversary date. Reentry into the program after the anniversary date is subject to review and a $150 reentry fee. Unsure if you have passed your anniversary date? Please contact us.

Level 2 graduates that have not purchased a Level 3 training have the option to purchase a YogaKids Apprentice (YKA) Continuing Membership at $9.99 a month. This Continuing Membership allows Level 2 graduates to retain their Level 2 benefits and keep their YogaKids Apprentice status “active.” Active Level 2 graduates are eligible to attend/purchase a Level 3 Training and complete the journey to certification at any time.


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