Yoga Dice


A Fun Game of Rolling and Posing

This fun, simple movement game helps children learn the practice of yoga while increasing flexibility and focus. Includes 36 poses to try!

Skill: Visual Perception and Reasoning
Ages: 6 and Up
Players: 2 or More Players
  • 6 six-sided Yoga Pose Dice
  • 6 Pose Tokens
  • 1 six-sided Breath Die
  • 1 Focus Token
  • Yoga Mat Game Track (2-3 Players; Short Track, 4-7 Players; Long Track)
  • Game-Go Bag
  • Instruction Booklet (with Yoga Pose Descriptions)

Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice!

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Yoga dice is a cooperative multiplayer game and is a delightful introduction to yoga that includes healthy physical activity.

Players stretch their mind and body all while working together to complete a shared goal encouraging team work!

Helps develops critical skills.

Everybody wins with this great family game!

Perfect for travel because of the included Game-go bag.

What you get – yoga dice comes included with:

  • 6 six-sided yoga pose dice
  • 6 pose tokens
  • 1 six-sided breath die along with 1 focus token
  • 1 yoga mat game track and a game-go bag.

Also includes:

  • Clear instructions – easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual.

You can start playing immediately! Your goal is to compete together to win by holding yoga poses! As a group, move 6 pose tokens past the finish line before the focus token crosses the line.


Yoga Dice Steps to Play

Yoga Dice Instructions



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