YogaKids – ABC’s DVD


Ever do the Japperwocky Jellyfish? The Volcano or the Moo-Meow? From Alligator to Zebra, YogaKids 2: ABC’s guides your child through 26 playful kid-style poses, movements and games inspired by animals, flowers and other familiar icons kids love.

Children’s yoga expert and YogaKids founder Marsha Wenig’s imaginative educational approach speaks your child’s language while teaching yoga fundamentals adapted especially for 3 to 6 year-olds. Clap hands and feet like a seal, mimic the fluid motion of a yo-yo, move arms and legs in sync like a locomotive…every letter offers a fun new way to learn about the body and the world.

Research shows that kids learn through movement and by exploring their world in a tactile way – and that long-lasting learning is best absorbed when your child is alert but relaxed.

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With YogaKids founder, Marsha Wenig

For ages 3-6



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