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Snow Salutation

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Magical Garden Archive

A sun salutation in yoga is a sequence of poses, linked together with your breath. They are a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, and celebrate the sun and how it helps give life to all living things. This winter, you can do a new version of this — a SNOW SALUTATION — and offer up some gratitude to this magical, festive season.

  1. Reach your arms up high and grab some snowflakes.
  2. Bend forward at your waist and pat the snow on the ground.
  3. Lift half way up to look up at the snow falling.
  4. Jump your feet backwards like a snowshoe rabbit. Keep your elbows hugging next to your ribs, and slowly lower your body down to the soft fluffy snow.
  5. Press your mittens into the snow and look up (Snake). Catch some snowflakes with your tongue.
  6. Roll over on to your back and make a snow angel.
  7. Roll back to your belly and take a little rest in Child’s Pose. You are a little mouse in the snow.
  8. Lift your bum up and press down. Now you’re a wolf in the snow (Down Diggety Doggie Down). Howl! 
  9. Bend your knees, look at your hands and jump forward like a snowshoe rabbit.
  10. Pat the snow on the ground.
  11. Stand up, and reach up for some more snowflakes with your mittens.
  12. Look up! Stick out your tongue and catch some!
  13. Bring your hands to your heart center in Namaste pose.
  14. Repeat!

Idea by: Certified YogaKids Teacher Kathleen Abell