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Clarksville, TN US

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Megan began her yoga journey in 2007 in college while looking for a compatible practice to her life of intensive classical ballet training. She began to find that the majority of yoga poses and flows mimicked many of the basics found in ballet, providing the perfect balance of strength and stretch of which she was searching, yet inviting her to find her breath and peace in meditation that was so often stifled in her dance training.
After achieving her degree in Early Childhood Education and then teaching in formal school classrooms for four years, she began to see the great need, in children of all ages, for the benefits that yoga provides. She began teaching a class of her own making, “Namaste Ballet,” a fusion of her two greatest passions, ballet and yoga, to military children at Fort Riley, Kansas. Then, after becoming a mother of two children of her own, Megan began training as a YogaKids© instructor. She fell in love with the YogaKids© program after discovering it in her preschool setting, immediately recognizing it’s benefits for educating the whole child through yoga. By taking theories from educational theorists like Howard Gardner, YogaKids© identifies the multiple intelligences of each child and meets their individual needs on their yoga mat. As a military wife, Megan understands that there is also a great need within the military community for such an outlet, especially in military children, who are often met with additional stressors difficult to cope with and understand.
Megan is also an RYT-200 certified teacher with Yoga Mat in Clarksville, Tennessee and is currently an Apprentice in the YogaKids© Program.