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Lil' Sunshine Yoga
Mesa, AZ United States


About Sarah

Hi, My name is Sarah. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Arizona State University and have taught grades K-4 for several years and am currently teaching English to children in China. I love the energy of young children. I have a two year old and love doing yoga with her and at my local heated studio. I started practicing years ago as an alternative to running and biking while training for duathalons and my first marathon. My main personal practice is a hot vinyasa but I love restorative classes as well. My absolute favorite however, is yoga outside. I love teaching children about all of the different aspects of yoga, making it fun, and incorporating all of the amazing 14 YogaKids elements. My kids have the most fun with the “We all Win” games, Laughing Language, Musical Musings, and make some pretty amazing Visual Vignettes! I love teaching kids through yoga to connect to each other, the world around them, and most importantly, themselves. Yoga is not a race, its not being told what to do or how to do it, it’s about listening to, trusting, and learning from yourself. Everything we need is already within us. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing children’s lights shine, watching them grow and receiving feedback from parents on the ways that yoga is benefiting their child.