“Having practiced yoga for over 10 years, I was familiar and comfortable with the poses and the general flow of what a yoga class should look like, but in Foundations I was able to dive deeper into what it looks like to plan a class and teach yoga to young children. Being a teacher I am used to making lesson plans for my class but learning to write lesson plans or class plans for a yoga class was different than anything I had done before. One of my favorite things that I learned about in Foundations was RCAWY. For me, books are an¬†extremely important part of a child’s education and it made so much sense to include books in yoga for children. Another one of my favorite parts of the Foundations class was watching one of Kim’s classes and beginning to learning how to run my own yoga classes. As an educator, I have a deep understanding of learning styles and how to run a classroom — and as a yogi I understand the basics of yoga poses and movement — but I decided to continue on with the YogaKids training because I want to learn more and expand on my knowledge of children and yoga. Although there are similarities between teaching in a classroom and teaching in a yoga class, there are many differences and I want to learn more to better be able to teach yoga in the classroom.”