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YogaKids History

YogaKids Global was created as a home for the YogaKids International community following Marsha Wenig’s passing and the official closing of YogaKids International in 2024. The goal was to continue Marsh’s legacy as a pioneer and leading provider of yoga for children around the world through the trainers, teachers, educators, and community who learned from her. Marsha’s original vision for kid’s yoga in the world is our guiding light.

Marsha Wenig developed the most robust and in-depth training program on yoga education for children in the world. The original program was the first of its kind and the first Kids Yoga Certification Program. Marsha was influenced by educational theorists such as Howard Gardner and Maria Montessori to create an education-based program. The original YogaKids program was designed not to only be a kids yoga class but to be a fun and educational experience for children with every learning style.  The original program integrates music, art, science, literacy, and so much more and most importantly makes yoga accessible to all children.

The original YogaKids training program influenced the lives of thousands of graduates and revolutionized the way yoga is taught to children. The original YogaKids training program was endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, & Jean Houston, Ph.D. YogaKids International was recognized three times by the Parents’ Choice Awards since their yoga for children products introduced more than a million kids, their families and through them their communities, to the peace that yoga brings.

Who was Marsha Wenig?

Marsha Wenig was the founder of the original YogaKids International which was the leading provider of yoga for children. She started the business in her family’s recreation room in La Porte, Indiana in 1998 and expanded to the local Montessori school and it continued to grow from there. She spent decades studying, teaching and working with children in yoga: refining and expanding her proprietary methods of yoga education for children. Her unique approach combines yoga, play and warmth in ways that delight children of all ages.

In addition to writing articles on the subject of yoga for children, Marsha was also the author of “Yogakids: Educating the Whole Child through Yoga”,the book upon which the original YogaKids program is based. The Washington Post called her a “yoga luminary” and she was lovingly known among her trainers, students and devotees as “Mrs. Yoga.” Her original products, including her well-known DVD series, received multiple awards and accolades including three Parents’ Choice Awards.

Her proteges, schooled in the original YogaKids methodology have continued to expand on her excellence and teach all over the world including through YogaKids Global.

YogaKids Purpose

YogaKids highly trained and experienced trainers, teachers and professionals aim to make yoga accessible to everyone at every age and stage of life. They provide training, education, and support to help others become YogaKids teachers and educate children to develop a practice that can be applied to all areas of yoga practice and life.

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