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Brave Warrior

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Pose of the Week

Children feel strong and proud in this Brave warrior pose.

Brave Warrior Pose


  1. Jump your feet apart.
  2. Stretch your arms straight out of the shoulders, palms down and fingers stretched.
  3. Turn your toes toward the right.
  4. Bend your right knee into a right angle.
  5. Turn your head.
  6. Focus on a point beyond your outstretched fingers.
  7. Come up.
  8. Turn your feet to the left.
  9. Do the pose on the other side.


Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Do you feel powerful in this pose? Repeat the following statements. Make up some of your won that make you feel like a Brave Warrior.

I am brave!
I am powerful!
I can do anything!

Reading Comes Alive With Yoga
Take your child to the library or bookstore. Find books that are about bravery and courage, like Secret of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman or Arrow to the Sun by Gerald McDermott. Read the stories together and discuss the powers of the warrior.

Body Benefits
The Brave Warrior pose builds strong legs, as well as provides focus and develops strength and stamina.

Nutrition Tip
Invite your child to be a warrior with foods. Take chances. Try new tastes.

Make friends with a new vegetable, the next time you go to the grocery store. Have your child pick out a new vegetable at the store this week. Bring it home. Talk about the vegetable. Research the vegetable – where does it grow? What kinds of vitamins and minerals are in this vegetable? Find recipes and prepare them together. Slice it, steam it, use it in a salad. Add it to a stir-fry or eat it raw!!