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Dino Does Yoga – A YogaKids Book Review

By Julie Pate

Bendy Blog category: Teaching Techniques

Dino Does Yoga by Sofie Engstrom von Alten is a delightful book with a sweet story and beautiful illustrations. There are many ways to incorporate yoga poses into the reading of this sweet book.  A lonely egg who has lost its way, soon hatches Dino.  Dino does many yoga poses including; sun salutations, warriors’ tree and child’s pose and finishes in relaxation pose.  Breathing, body benefits and even self-esteem are all incorporated in this sweet story.  Dino Does Yoga would be a great bedtime story because several energetic poses are taught at the beginning helping kids get rid of anxious energy followed by several relaxing calm poses that will help kids drift off to sleep just like Dino.  Book is ideal for toddlers to elementary age children.

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