$19.99 / month and a $150.00 sign-up fee

This level of membership is only available to our Certified YogaKids Teachers — those that have successfully completed all three Levels of YogaKids Training. CYKTs have one-week after graduating from Level 3 to purchase this CYKT License/ automatic renewal membership.

This automatic recurring licensing/membership fee allows Level 3 graduates to retain designation as a Certified YogaKids Teacher (CYKT) and keep exclusive CYKT benefits.

Legal Stuff: By joining now, you are agreeing to the terms of the “CYKT Agreement.” Nothing too scary, we promise.



Our Licensed Certified YogaKids Teachers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to our continuing education Master Mentor Hangouts
  • Access to our video library of all 185 YogaKids poses & activities
  • Access to our online forums and private Facebook group
  • Access to professional documents (exclusive marketing & teaching tools)
  • 30-50% off on really cool products in the YogaKids shop
  • Receipt of the YK newsletter, The Electric Circle
  • Receipt of the YK newsletter, Elements in Action
  • Opportunity to earn money as a workshop presenter, trainer, contributor, and/or Master Mentor
  • Premium listing in our Find a Teacher tool on the YogaKids website