Imaginations 3


Wildly imaginative and beautiful illustrations accompany the whimsical guided imagery of Imaginations 3, which teaches children a fun way to relax that makes their minds calm and their bodies feel good. Author Carolyn Clarke, CYKT

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The third book in the Imaginations Series, Imaginations 3: Guided Meditations and Yoga for Kids is an essential resource for every parent and teacher who wants to help children learn to calm their bodies and relax their minds.
The benefits of relaxation for kids include:
• Reduced stress
• Better concentration and focus
• Enhanced ability to learn
• Improved behavior and sleep
• Increased self-esteem

Learning to relax is important for people of all ages, and children who can relax are more prepared to handle big changes in their lives. Guided meditations can also help ease symptoms associated with ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, and sleep disorders.

Meditations include:
Tight and Soft
A Bird’s-Eye View
On a Farm
The Apple Tree
Your Island
Riding a Comet
Moonbeam Blanket
Flying Carpet Ride to India
See the Music
Unicorn Friend
Earth Tour
Peaceful Body, Peaceful World
Loving Kindness


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