“I attended the March 2018 Foundations course in New Buffalo, MI taught by Sue Beres. It was an inspiring weekend. I have had very limited Yoga experience and was attending the course because I am an occupational therapist who has heard of the benefits of Yoga to assist students with focus and body control. Yoga is also considered an evidence based practice. I wanted to learn more and utilize what I learned with my students and with my children (3 very busy boys). 

Sue was an excellent instructor and her background as an educator was extremely helpful with ways to apply the material into the school setting that I work in. I loved how the class was very engaging and physically involved (modeling and demonstrating what we learned). I was impressed with how connected our group of women became through the course. YogaKids is a program that merges yoga with a solid educational foundation. I was so excited by what I learned that I came back to work at my preschool setting and convinced a preschool teacher and the speech therapist to attend the August 2018 training so that we can create yoga sessions for our at risk preschool/early childhood setting. 

The Niles Education Foundation has awarded us a $1000 grant to implement a YogaKids program at the school. I truly believe in the merits of the YogaKids program and am excited to learn more. The pieces I have added to my therapy sessions have made the kids engage in physical motor patterns that they were reluctant to mimic in the past. YogaKids has assisted with making my therapy sessions more fun. I am not sure where I will be going with the YogaKids Certification, but my adventure is just beginning and I am excited to learn more.”