“This past weekend, I completed my online Foundations course. I loved it! I really appreciated the opportunity to complete this online since I am a mother of 2 young boys. We are an extremely active family and are ALWAYS on the go! Even with that being said, I was able to make this a priority. I am a middle school teacher with a huge concern on how our kids find themselves being disciplined over and over again (with no change in their behavior). It is not working.  Last year, I just knew there was something that could help them be the best that they can be. (Isn’t that a slogan for an old commercial?Ha!). As I was going through the course, I began to get REALLY excited about the multitude of ways that I could help them center themselves. Unfortunately some of the students at my school come from home lives that are not conducive to learning. They have to deal with adult problems that their undeveloped brains can’t process. I look forward to trying to help them recognize their frustrations and anger and then work to find peace and calm. So, like I said before, I am a mother as well. I really loved the validation that I got from the activities that I did with my kids. I think sometimes I went a little overboard and did more than what the assignment asked, but it was great to get such positive feedback! That leaves me to my final reflection. The feedback! For an online course, the feedback is hands down the BEST I have ever experienced. The Yoga Kids community has been nothing but supportive and enlightening! I truly look forward to this journey!”