Online Training

“Being able to access the webinar during my own schedule was a huge success. I am so grateful to be able to take this course online. I currently assist a yoga instructor here in our community and this training has actually shown me that there is SO MUCH they could be doing and I am SO excited to do my own classes the way YogaKids is training me! The training for this course has given me the confidence to be able to start facilitating classes. The assignments were very achievable during the week as it was the perfect way to ease me into teaching. Thank you! And thank you for offering this online as it truly is that way of the world now as many of us are not able to travel often and I can spread the love of YogaKids in my community now.” – YK Apprentice Laura Petracek

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Our 3-Level Kids Yoga Certification Program

Foundations: Level 1 of our Kids Yoga Certification Program

This online kids yoga training event will introduce you to YogaKids and our one-of-a-kind way of teaching yoga to children. This is a stand-alone event AND the first step of Full Certification. The YogaKids program is more than just poses. Because it blends traditional yoga with education, it creates something new. A comprehensive, imaginative, and playful way to learn. Developed by our founder, yoga pioneer-educator-author Marsha Wenig, YogaKids has been helping children for over 25 years.

What will you learn at our online kids yoga training?

First, you will experience life-changing love and laughter. Also, you will learn about all 14 of the YogaKids Elements. These are the building blocks of our amazing program. They include all the different ways children learn. For instance, the Elements combine yoga with reading, writing, science, art, music, games, ecology, philosophy and much more. As a result, they make yoga accessible to all children.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to our 20 categories of poses. Some poses are based on traditional asanas. However, others are unique to the YogaKids program. Also, you will learn successful strategies for lesson planning. Finally, you’ll learn about teaching teens, inclusive teaching, and guidelines for teaching a successful YogaKids class.

This online kids yoga training event is for anyone wanting to give yoga to children. For example, it’s for yogis, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other child-focused professionals. Also, no yoga experience is required.

How It Works

Our online Foundations participants receive:

  • Access to 4 recorded webinars which explore the fundamentals of the YogaKids program
  • Access to our exclusive online Foundations Facebook Group
  • Real-time expertise guidance from a master YogaKids Teacher-Trainer
  • The Foundations Participant Manual (PDF)

Once you register, you’ll hear from us and gain access to our online Level 1 Foundations course. Just watch the video webinar recordings, complete all the assignments in each unit, and you’ll receive your Certificate of Completion. For each assignment, you’ll hear directly from our YogaKids Teacher-Trainer whose feedback will motivate and guide you in your journey!

Integrations: Level 2 of our Certification Program

You can continue your kids yoga Certification training with Integrations. Integrations is Level 2 of the YogaKids Certification Program. This at-home study course consists of 4 modules and is open to all our Level 1 graduates.

During Integrations, our incredible community of teachers and trainers will be supporting you through our global Teacher’s forum. And our elite team of Master Mentors will evaluate your work.

You can expect to complete the course in 4-6 months. Each module averages 20-30 hours of homework. By setting aside 5 hours per week, you can complete each module in 4-6 weeks. Therefore, if you teach two YogaKids classes per week during your Level 2 Training, you can earn back your investment in Certification before you even complete your training!


Transformations: Level 3 of our Certification Program

This online webinar training is the amazing and powerful culmination event for our YogaKids Apprentices. You will utilize your expertise and your experiences from the Advanced Training Practicum, refine your classroom management skills, review asanas and techniques, develop your business skills, and deepen your knowledge of anatomy, yoga philosophy, and much more. You’ll also laugh, play, and explore — and complete your journey in becoming a Certified YogaKids Teacher.

How It Works

Our online Transformations participants receive:

  • Access to 8 recorded webinars which explore the fundamentals of the YogaKids program
  • Access to our exclusive online Transformations Facebook Group
  • Real-time expertise guidance from our incredible Teacher-Trainers
  • The Transformations Participant Manual (PDF)

Simply watch the webinars and complete the related assignments. You can complete the training at your own pace.

PLEASE NOTE: This online training is part of our YogaKids Teacher Certification track. Please contact Yoga Alliance regarding hours needed toward the RCYT designation.