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Bold Warrior

By YogaKids Team

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Bold Warrior


  1. Jump your feet apart.
  2. Stretch your arms straight out of the shoulders, palms down and fingers stretched.
  3. Turn your toes toward the right.
  4. Bend your right knee into a right angle.
  5. Turn your torso forward.
  6. Raise your arms alongside your ears. Feel the support of the earth underneath you and stretch your hands to the sky.
  7. Say a few affirmations! (“I am bold!”)
  8. Come up and turn your feet to the left.
  9. Do the pose on the other side.


  • I am a bold warrior.
  • My body is strong.
  • My mind is strong.
  • My love keeps my family strong.

Note to Parents and Teachers

The word warrior comes from the root “war”. In yoga we practice peace, so we’d like you to encourage your children to think of the qualities a warrior has besides someone who fights. Discuss with your children the characteristics that peaceful warriors possess. Some ideas are strength, tenacity, perseverance, focus, concentration, believing in yourself. Is there something that your child would like to have or achieve at the moment? It could be anything from a toy, to getting better at a sport, realizing a goal, or whatever they come up with. Explain to them about the posture, presence, mind and other characteristics of a warrior.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Math Medley
Notice the shapes that your lower body makes in the warrior poses. Which of these angles does your knee make in your Brave and Bold Warriors?

  • Is it a right angle at 90 degrees?
  • An obtuse angle at more than 90 degrees?
  • Or an acute angle that is smaller than 90 degrees?
  • Can you see and feel them as you practice?

Visual Vignettes
Draw yourself, your friends and family as warriors. Color them. Decorate them too. Put your warriors on a hangar with a string and make a mobile.