The YogaKids Teacher Training

The YogaKids Teacher Certification was inspired by and innovated from the original YogaKids Kids Yoga Certification Program which was the first kids yoga training of its kind. It was developed by the YogaKids International founder, Marsha Wenig, who revolutionized the way yoga is taught to children. She was influenced by educational theorists such as Howard Gardner and Maria Montessori to develop an educationally-based program. A YogaKids Global kid’s yoga class integrates music, art, science, literacy, and so much more to make it a holistic education experience, accessible to all children.
Our world-class certification program is ideal for everyone including, yogis, educators, parents, therapists, professionals, school and yoga teachers. Anyone interested in providing the tools of yoga to children. There are no prerequisites to begin and no experience in yoga is necessary.

YogaKids mentors, expert faculty and experienced trainers are your guides

YogaKids mentors, experts, faculty members and trainers are your guides to help you to incorporate yoga for children of all abilities and ages anywhere in the world.

No matter which YogaKids trainer, instructor or facilitator, you’ll be learning from an industry-leading kid’s yoga trainer who’s ready to make the learning process fun and easy for you and for you to bring to children in the same way. Each trainer from our widely-respected training team has hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of training. They will guide, support, mentor you so you can learn from their immense knowledge and expertise.

YogaKids trainers are not just well-studied in the YogaKids methodologies but they also have the skills and ability to teach you how to teach kid’s yoga to children of all ages and abilities anywhere. In addition our trainers are highly skilled in teaching both online and in person. YogaKids experts, trainers, and mentors are the guides to help you with any challenge you may face teaching yoga to children.

Level 1 Foundations

Available as an introduction or as the first step towards YogaKids Teacher Certification

The program is inspired and innovated from the original YogaKids materials developed by Marsha Wenig. This course provides the foundations that you’ll need to teach a kid’s yoga class safely and effectively in any environment. It is an introduction to the 14 YogaKids Elements which are the building blocks of this leading kid’s yoga program. The Elements incorporate all the different learning styles and ways that children grow and learn from which learning is accessible to all children. It combines yoga with reading, writing, science, art, music, games, ecology, philosophy and much more.
Furthermore, you will be introduced to the 20+ categories and 200+ YogaKids poses, tools and activities. The YogaKids poses may be based on traditional asanas but have been designed with children’s anatomy and childhood developmental levels and needs in mind making the YogaKids programs unique.
You’ll be trained and gain experience in lesson planning and facilitating kid’s yoga classes. You’ll also have an introduction into child development, anatomy, teaching for specific age groups such as infants and teens, inclusive teaching methods, and guidelines for teaching an impactful and effective YogaKids class.

Level 2 Integrations

Become a YogaKids Apprentice and the second step towards YogaKids Teacher Certification

The next step of YogaKids Teacher Certification training is Integrations. Integrations is the second level of the YogaKids Certification Program. This at-home study or in person course consists of 4 modules including Level 2 – Integrations is open to all graduates of the Level 1 Foundations training.
During the Integrations training, you will have support, evaluation and feedback from our outstanding team of Master Mentors. You’ll also have access to and support from our global community of teachers and trainers through the YogaKids Global FB forum.

Level 3 Transformations

Become a kid’s yoga expert and the third and final step towards YogaKids Teacher Certification

Our Transformations Level 3 Training is currently offered as an online webinar course. As a result of your Certification, you will have all the education, tools, and resources available to effectively teach yoga to children of all ages and abilities. Consequently, you’ll be able to advise, teach, and support others in your community using the YogaKids Program.
Level 3 is the culmination of your kids yoga Certification track and an in-depth study of yoga philosophy, childhood development, special needs, trauma and anatomy. Above all, the Level 3 training is also an extraordinary opportunity to learn new techniques of empowering children to love and learn through yoga.

Benefits of YogaKids Teacher Certification

As a Certified YogaKids Teacher, you’ll become a part of the world’s leading kid’s yoga community. You’ll have exclusive access to all of the content in YogaKids Pro and YogaKids Family for the duration of the program or longer with an extension package. You’ll find continuing education, personal development, community support, teaching tools and resources and endless opportunities to grow as a yoga teacher.

  • opportunities to become a YogaKids workshop presenter, trainer, content or article contributor, and mentor
  • access to our library of Continuing Education materials
  • membership in our YogaKids Global FB Forum
  • access to our YogaKids resources (teaching tools for our community)
  • exclusive marketing materials (class flyers and business cards)
  • first access to information, products and opportunities
  • membership discounts
  • teaching opportunities in your local area and more
  • Teacher Directory listing on the official website

YogaKids Global is a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Alliance.

This level of YogaKids training is part of our YogaKids Teacher Certification program. 

Please contact us or Yoga Alliance regarding requirements for the RCYT designation.