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Bow and Arrow

Archery is one of the oldest sports and requires skill, focus and concentration. The Bow and arrow was originally developed for protection and survival. Someone who makes bows is called a bowyer.

bow and arrow pose


  1. Begin in L is for Left.
  2. Clasp the big toe. Bend the knee.
  3. Inhale. Pull the bow back behind you.
  4. Exhale. Shoot the arrow skyward and across your other leg. Make a whooshing sound like a speeding arrow moving through the air.
  5. Maintain a long and tall spine as you practice your seated archery.
  6. Use the other arm and hand to press into the floor and support the lift of your spine.

Do this 6 times. Change sides.

Note for Parents and Teachers

Many children shoot the leg straight ahead or out to the side. This is common but not optimum. Help your child achieve the physical movement of crossing one leg over the other. It begins to make new grooves in the brain.

Activities for Home and School

Body Benefits

Bow and arrow opens the hips, lengthens the hamstrings, gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the leg.

Brain Balance

Crossing the midline of the body with this movement stimulates the 300 million nerve cells of the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is known as the brain´s superhighway.

Math Medley

Help build your children’s counting ability while they perform this pose. Graduate to 2s, 3s, etc. When age appropriate, also reinforce their multiplication tables.

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