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Powerful Warrior
(also known as Superboy, Supergirl)

Over the past few weeks, you have become a brave warrior and a bold warrior too. Now it is time to become a really powerful warrior. Make yourself as powerful as Super Girl and Super Boy.

powerful warrior is a strong balancing pose and the third of the three warrior poses


  1. Jump your feet apart (Steps 1-6 are just like Bold Warrior.).
  2. Stretch your arms straight out of the shoulders, palms down and fingers stretched.
  3. Turn your toes toward the right.
  4. Bend your right knee into a right angle.
  5. Turn your torso forward.
  6. Raise your arms alongside your ears. Feel the support of the earth underneath you and stretch your hands to the sky.
  7. Shift your weight completely onto your front leg.
  8. Pick up your back foot and stretch your leg behind you.
  9. Keep both legs as long and strong as possible.
  10. Stretch your arms forward. Fly.
  11. Change sides.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Body Benefits

Many of our YogaKids also call this pose the Super Boy or Super Girl pose. They like to sway from side to side like they’re flying. Try this version and test your strength and balance.

Laughing Language

What makes you a Super Kid? Write down your words or have your mom or a grown-up help you. Here are some examples:

I am a Super Boy cause I can run really fast.
— Conrad, Michigan City, IN

My grandma calls me super girl because I love yoga and can bend in all different ways.
— Amy, New Buffalo, Michigan

I have a super cat and she can jump on and off the roof.
— Ruth, LaPorte, IN

We All Win

Try this pose with a partner and help each other.

  1. Stand facing one another.
  2. Stretch your arms overhead.
  3. Bend forward at your hips and take hold of your friends hands, wrists or arms.
  4. Balance together. Help each other. Smile at each other.
  5. Switch legs.


MY children, Dakota and Kiva, loved to be fed with their airplane spoons when they were little. Their mouth was the hangar and the healthy sweets would come flying in.

If your child needs some fun and incentive to eat healthy foods, play ‘Flying Foods.” Zigzag, loop-de-loop or circle her airplane spoon into her mouth filled with small, sweet, delicious fresh fruit pieces like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, mangos or papaya. Organic, naturally sweetened yogurts, whole grain cereals and raisins, currants or other dried fruits may also be appreciated.

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