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Peace Breath

Peace is a powerful word that has many meanings – love, kindness, quiet, sharing, happy, smiling, gentleness. The peace breath is an easy way to help us feel peace. When you are peaceful, you will help everyone around you be peaceful too.



Close your eyes. Relax your face. Let your skin just drape down over your bones like a soft blanket. Breathe in. Breathe out and whisper the word peace.

Do this 3-6 times. As you exhale and say the word “Peace,” feel the peace within you. Feel the peace around you. Send peace to the animals, trees and plants. Send peace to your family. Send peace to countries in the world that are having wars. Send peace to all the people you love. You are peace.

Activity Ideas for Home and Classroom

Visual Vignettes

What does peace look like? Draw a picture of your peaceful family. Make peace signs and hang them around your house to remind each other to choose peace instead of yelling or shouting.

We all Win

Make up a peace game for you and your friends where everyone is a winner.

Awesome Anatomy

Go through your body parts and organs from head to toes and send each one peace. When you have a tummy ache send peace to your tummy. A headache-send peace to your brain.

Laughing Language

Peace is defined as a state of quiet, calm, tranquility, freedom from war, harmony. Here are a few ways to say it in different languages:

  • Egyptian: Hetep
  • Greek: Irini
  • Italian: Pace
  • Japanese: Heiwa
  • Swedish: Fred
  • Vietnamese: Su Thai Binh
  • Zulu: Ukuthula


  • I am peace.
  • I am kind.
  • I help others.
  • Peace begins within me.