Let’s get Grugging!

Everyone needs hugs!


Grugging is a group hug. The word is a combination of group…and hugging!  So grab a few family members, wrap your arms around them, and SQUEEZE!

Did you know?

  • Did you know that hugs have amazing healing powers? Group hugs are great, but you can also try one-on-one hugs! Research shows that hugs and laughing are very good for people who are suffering from illness, loneliness, sadness, and stress.
  • A good heart-t0-heart hug can cause your body to instantly produce oxytocin. Oxytocin is also called the “love drug” — it’s the hormone that a mama’s body releases when they have a baby, and it cures feelings of sadness and loneliness.
  • Another chemical your body releases when someone holds you in a nice, long bear hug is serotonin. Serotonin makes you feel happy.
  • Hugs strengthen your immune system. The slight pressure on the sternum (breast bone) and activates the Heart Chakra and stimulates the thymus gland. The thymus is a super important gland that regulates your body’s production of white blood cells, which make up your body’s defense system.
  • Hugs help increase circulation, relax your muscles, make you feel loved, and, like meditation, allow you to be in the moment.
I guess it’s true that laughter and hugs really are the best medicine.
Now, go enjoy your medicine with some super loving hugging and grugging!