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Bunny Breath

By YogaKids Team

Bendy Blog category: Pose of the Week

girl doing bunny breath pose

Bunny Breath is a quick pick-me-up that will give you energy and focus. It is especially helpful for children with ADD and ADHD.


Pose Instructions

  1. Sit on your knees like a bunny.
  2. Keep your chest lifted and your shoulder blades descending down the back.
  3. Tuck your chin in slightly and let your lower jaw relax.
  4. Get your nose ready for breathing by twitching it like a bunny.
  5. Take 4 to 6, short, quick breaths in through your nose.
  6. Breathe out through your mouth with a long, smooth sigh,
  7. Increase the number of inhalations and double the length of your exhalation as your breathing power grows stronger and stronger with time and practice.

Activity Ideas for Home or Classroom

Bridge of Diamonds 

“Allogrooming” is what rabbits do to take care of one another. If one bunny is disabled in some way, a friend will groom her. If a rabbit is blind, his companion doesn’t leave his side. Helping each other is important for people and animals.

Body Benefits 

This breath cleans the inside of your body like a washcloth and soap cleans the outside.

Brain Balance 

The rapid intake of oxygen inherent when practicing the bunny breath awakens the brain. Tune into learning readiness and get smart!

Laughing Language 

Bunnies ears are their “thermoregulators.” That is a fancy word for their bodies natural air-conditioning and heating system. They release heat through their ears to cool their body down and then adjust their internal organs to the right temperature for perfect comfort in the hot or cold weather.