Online Level 3 Transformations Training August 2020

This online webinar training is the amazing and powerful culmination event for our YogaKids Apprentices. You will share your expertise and your experiences from the Advanced Training Practicum, refine your classroom management skills, review asanas and techniques, develop your business skills, and deepen your knowledge of anatomy, yoga philosophy, and much more. You’ll also laugh, play, and explore — and complete our journey in becoming a Certified YogaKids Teacher.

Mindfulness and Movement

Learn what mindfulness really means — and why it’s become so popular a concept in today’s schools. No yoga experience required. Attendance at live webinars optional; recordings made available shortly following the events.

Rainbow Chakra Meditation Course

Help your kids discover their creativity, strength, and self-love in this 7-day series of chakra meditations just for children!

We All Win: Continuing Education for Children’s Yoga Teachers

We asked our community a question. What are the biggest challenges you face? And they told us — allowing us to develop this online kids yoga training. As the pioneer of children’s yoga (having been in the business of children’s yoga for over 30 years) — we are in a unique position to give solutions to these challenges. We gathered together a few amazing teachers and trainers from our global community. And we spoke with them 1-on-1 about how THEY face these everyday challenges. Find out what they said — and how YOU can achieve more success and happiness in the arena of children’s yoga!

Om at Home: The YogaKids Program for Parents

Om at Home: The YogaKids Program for Parents is an amazing set of tools to share with your child so they develop the awareness within to feel empowered and be their best, truest selves.

Level 1: Foundations

This online course, made of up 4 live webinars, introduces attendees to the YogaKids’ one-of-a-kind way of teaching yoga to children. The YogaKids program is more than just poses. It blends traditional yoga and its benefits with theories of multiple learning styles in a comprehensive, imaginative, and playful approach to education. This revolutionary approach, developed by YogaKids founder, yoga-pioneer/ educator/author Marsha Wenig, has been helping children — along with adults — discover the pleasures and benefits of yoga for over 20 years.