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The Tools for Schools Starter Bundle for Ages 3 to 6 includes:

  • Toolbox – Tools for Schools
    Each easy-to-use card features one or more photographs of children in the pose. The back of each card includes Pose Instructions as well as Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration with activity ideas adaptable for any grade level.
  • Take 5 Poster – Tools for Schools
    Part of the YogaKids® Tools for Schools kit, this beautiful 27 x 19 inch glossy poster on heavyweight paper gives kids a place and a reminder to take a break, slow down and relax.
  • YogaKids Basics – Original Video Download – mp4 download (download link included with your receipt)
    Children’s yoga expert and YogaKids founder Marsha Wenig’s imaginative educational approach speaks your child’s language while teaching yoga fundamentals adapted especially for 3 to 6 year-olds. They’ll playfully stretch like dogs, roar like lions, and stand like graceful flamingos. As they complete each new yoga pose, they’ll gain a new feeling of accomplishment.
  • YogaKids Musical Musings – mp3 download (download link included with your receipt)
    Sing along with your child and these playful, education songs about animals, nature, fitness and more. Each song encourages a positive attitude and challenges imagination while building self-confidence and a love for fitness. Take a spin together through the YogaKids: Musical Musings!
  • Yoga Garden Game
    Jennifer Durand, a San Francisco yoga teacher who specializes in teaching yoga to children, created the game to help her students learn yoga. The Yoga Garden Game is designed for having fun with one another rather than against each other.
  • Educating the Whole Child Through Yoga
    Marsha Wenig, the founder of YogaKids, has written a beautiful book for use by parents, teachers, and caregivers. Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, the YogaKids program treats yoga as a medium for learning, using different ‘elements’ – among them anatomy, music, visual art, ecology, and language – designed to stimulate and teach.



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