Now you can share a fun, safe and healthy activity with your kids – one that can be enjoyed over and over again. In YogaKids, your children will be delighted and encouraged by simple yoga exercises work to strengthen their bodies and improve coordination. They’ll playfully stretch like dogs, roar like lions, and stand like graceful flamingos. As they complete each new yoga pose, they’ll gain a new feeling of accomplishment.

Guided by long-time kids yoga teacher Marsha Wenig, YogaKids is the most creative and entertaining way to bring the joy of exercise and the wonder of all living things to children. Whether it is practiced indoors, outside, alone or with family, this magical experience will become one of your child’s most treasured activities.

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With YogaKids founder, Marsha Wenig

For ages 3-6

Approx. 35 min.

YogaKids Original DVD Yoga Basics makes learning fun:

  • 20 simple yoga poses
  • 5 fun original songs
  • Enhances respect for nature
  • Increases strength and flexibility
  • Challenges imagination


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