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A Mother’s Sweet Goodnight

By Julie Pate

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YogaKids Teacher Julie Pate wrote this poem after a guided meditation taught at a YogaKids Transformations Training while on her journey to become a Certified YogaKids Teacher. Julie shares that her YogaKids journey transformed her life by transforming her career and relationships . Learn how you can transform your life and become a Certified YogaKids Teacher HERE

A Mother’s Sweet Goodnight
By Julie Pate

The sun has long since set on our day; we sit together as sleep approaches
It is dark, except for the soft glow of the bathroom light in the distance
The fan above gently brushes the warm air against our skin

Love floats through the room resting softly on his nose, and then my shoulder
So fully present in these moments; it feels as if the love can be touched, and held

With the day’s distractions gone, we can finally be here together
and savor each moment, like the last few tastes in a bowl of ice cream

His voice is young and full of wonder as he shares his triumphs and dreams
Tenderness passes from mother to son and back again
We close the day with a thankful awareness
and a hope for another day, to love some more.

A note from the author: “I hope this poem inspires you to cultivate a quiet moment with someone you love today.” And when you are in that moment, may you pause in awe of just how beautiful it is.


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