Who We Are

YogaKids International, Inc., based in New Buffalo, MI, is a pioneer and leading provider of yoga for children around the world.  The organization’s mission is to promote peace, healthy life-style, self-empowerment and a fun, effective way of learning to children. Unlike yoga for adults, the YogaKids program specifically supports the capacities of children of all ages.

“Helping children experience and celebrate their true power is a gift that brings peace, kindness, ease and joy to our global family.”  Don Wenig, YogaKids Co-founder

YogaKids: The Leader in Yoga for Children

The Leader in Yoga for Children

The YogaKids training program has influenced the lives of thousands of graduates and has revolutionized the way yoga is taught to children. YogaKids is a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School with Yoga Alliance. Recognized three times by the Parents’ Choice Awards, our yoga for children products have introduced more than a million kids, their families and through them their communities, to the peace that yoga brings.

The YogaKids Executive Team

YogaKids Founder Don Wenig

Don Wenig, President and Co-Founder

Don Wenig is co-founder of YogaKids International, Dancing Feet Yoga Center, and the GoGiveYoga Foundation. His private healing practice is balanced with overseeing the YogaKids creative team, being an active Go Give Yoga board member, and working as the lead E-500 RYT instructor of the Dancing Feet Yoga teacher training program.

Don’s passion for energy work began in 1973 while studying reflexology. This eventually led to formal training in Shiatsu with Master Kaneko at the Shiatsu Massage School of California. Introduced to yoga in 1978, his primary studies were with Anna Forrest, Ganga White, Tracy Rich, Manuso Manos and Angela Farmer. He received teacher certification from White Lotus Yoga in 1981 and taught classes at The Center for Yoga until 1989. At that time, he moved back to his home state of Indiana where he helped found YogaKids with his wife and partner, Marsha.

His in-depth study of  Ayurveda, Tantra, Reiki, Reflexology, Rebirthing, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Bodytalk™, Shiatsu, NLP, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy™ and Access Consciousness™ lends a broad perspective to his intuitive style of healing work, as well as his contributions to YogaKids. Don volunteers with several local organizations, bringing yoga to children of all ages. He is also a devoted husband, father, drummer, artist and living foods enthusiast.

YogaKids Founder Marsha Wenig

Marsha Wenig, Co-Founder

Marsha Wenig is the founder of YogaKids International, Inc., the original and leading provider of yoga for children. She has spent most of the past two decades studying, teaching and working with children in yoga: refining and expanding her proprietary methods of yoga education for children. Her unique approach combines yoga, play and warmth in ways that delight children of all ages.

She started the business in her family’s recreation room in La Porte, Indiana in 1998 and expanded to the local Montessori school. Today, YogaKids is known around the world and is available in 23 countries and the U.S. Marsha has delighted millions of children with yoga, as their bodies grow stronger, their joy soars and their confidence is engaged.

Marsha has developed the most robust and in-depth training program on yoga education for children in the world. Her proteges, schooled in the YogaKids methods, teach in all over the world.

In addition to writing articles on the subject of yoga for children, Marsha is also the author of Yogakids: Educating the Whole Child through Yoga, the book upon which the YogaKids program is based. The Washington Post has called her a “yoga luminary” and she is lovingly known among her trainers, students and devotees as “Mrs. Yoga.” Her products, including her well known DVD series, have received multiple awards and accolades including three Parents’ Choice Awards.

YogaKids CEO Ann Huber

 Ann Huber, Chief Executive Officer

In 1995, as an employee of a small production house, Ann was granted the opportunity to serve as editor on the first YogaKids™ DVD. Since that time, she’s received a Master’s Degree in Television Production from Emerson College, worked as a producer/programmer for seven years at America Online (creating kids and teens content), and earned a multiple-subject teaching credential from California State University Northridge. Her current passion is creating exemplary yoga for children trainings and products.

YogaKids Vice President Anne Harsch

 Anne Harsch, Vice President

With over a decade of experience in the combined fields of yoga, wellness, and mindfulness science, Anne joined YogaKids International in 2016 and became Vice President in 2018. She is known as the ‘guiding light’ of the executive team and her leadership helped steer YogaKids to its most successful year in a decade. Anne holds an E-RYT yoga teacher designation through Yoga Alliance and earned her B.A. in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Dartmouth College.

YogaKids Operations Director Jan Skierkowski

Jan Skierkowski, Operations Director

Jan serves as YogaKids Operations Director. She oversees the YogaKids Store as well as our store on Amazon.com. She has been employed with YogaKids International since 2009, and loves working and communicating with our customers, community and team. She resides in Lafayette, Indiana and is also a retired Jazzercise Franchisee and former fitness center owner.