Tools for Schools Starter Bundle – Ages 7 to 12



A great bundle for schools or the home! Two posters, two DVDs, Pose Cards, Tac-On Mat, and Educating the Whole Child Through Yoga book.  Save $26.92 with this age appropriate bundle.

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Tools for Schools Starter Bundle for Ages 7 to 12 includes:

  • Toolbox – Tools for Schools
    Each easy-to-use card features one or more photographs of children in the pose. The back of each card includes Pose Instructions as well as Fun Tips for Curriculum Integration with activity ideas adaptable for any grade level.
  • Tac-On Mat – Tools for Schools
    The portable sticky mat hangs on the classroom wall for displaying Pose Cards.
  • Take 5 Poster – Tools for Schools
    Part of the YogaKids Tools for Schools kit, this beautiful 27 x 19 inch glossy poster on heavyweight paper gives kids a place and a reminder to take a break, slow down and relax. This poster takes its name from the Take 5 pose found in the blue “Calm and Quiet” category. When we “Take 5,” we take a break. The Take 5 Zone makes it easy to find some space and time to get away from the things that make us feel tired or stressed, and get ourselves back into a positive frame of mind. Use this poster to designate a Take 5 Zone in your home or classroom.
  • Shine Bright Poster – Tools for Schools
    Part of the YogaKids Tools for Schools kit, this beautiful 27 x 19 inch glossy poster on heavyweight paper is a great visual reference for traditional sun salutations that stretch, strengthen and tone. The Sun Salutation is a combination of yoga poses traditionally practiced in the morning to greet, or salute, the sun. In fact, Sun Salutations are a beneficial practice at any time of the day.
  • Yoga for the Classroom – Tools for Schools
    Yoga for the Classroom includes three, fifteen minute yoga based movement and breathing sequences that can be used in the classroom anytime, with every child. Research shows that constructive movement enhances well-being and that conscious breathing helps students to release stress.
  • Yoga for Physical Education – Tools for Schools
    Yoga for Physical Education includes three, fifteen-minute yoga based sequences to create a health and wellness routine for children of any fitness level. Yoga for Physical Education is the perfect compliment to any existing fitness curriculum and one that supports, strengthens and enriches classroom learning.
  • Educating the Whole Child Through Yoga
    Marsha Wenig, the founder of YogaKids, has written a beautiful book for use by parents, teachers, and caregivers. Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, the YogaKids program treats yoga as a medium for learning, using different ‘elements’ – among them anatomy, music, visual art, ecology, and language – designed to stimulate and teach.

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